Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA rescues 98 prisoners, including Muslims, from Buthidaung jail

Lu Htet Naing Narinjara News, 1 June 2024


The Arakha Army (AA) on 30 May  announced that after capturing Buthidaung town of Rakhine State they rescued 98 prisoners, including 31 political prisoners, from Buthidaung jail and supported them with humanitarian assistance. The AA fighters also extended support to Muslim prisoners.


It may be mentioned that the AA fighters captured  all battalions and military camps, including the junta's Buthidaung tactical operation command headquarters by noon on 18 May last.


"A total of 98 prisoners with various offenses like murder, rape, theft, illegal logging, human trafficking, drug peddling, corruption etc were rescued on 16 May. They underwent the verification process by officials belonging to the United League of Arakan/Arakha Army (ULA/AA). They were given medical care and emergency food assistance in accordance with the international humanitarian standard,” said an AA statement.


The political prisoners were allowed to contact their family members and later offered financial assistance for their homeward journey  on 26 May.


"Before the conflict erupted with the AA fighters, the junta soldiers relocated some prisoners from Buthidaung prison. However, several political prisoners were left behind. Instead of relocating them to a non-combat area, they were transferred to the 3rd border guard police battalion and left them to face the clashes. It indicates the military junta's oppression and human rights violations in the Rakhine region,” added the statement.

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