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AA captures 4 border guard camps in south Maungdaw

Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 6 June 2024


The Arakan Army (AA) has completely captured four border guard camps in south Maungdaw during the evening hours of Monday. The  captured bases include three near Kyauk Pan Du village along the Maungdaw-Ah Ngu Maw road on the western border of Arakan State and Jin Taw camp situated between Kyauk Pan Du and Myin Hlut.


The Myin Hlut 9th border guard police battalion is also occupied by the AA fighters, said the residents of Kyauk Pan Du.


"All three camps, including the hill-based camp near Kyauk Pan Du village, have been captured. Jin Taw camp between Kyauk Pan Du and Myin Hlut has also been captured. Myin Hlut 9th border guard police battalion has now been surrounded," said a source close to the AA.


The Myin Hlut 9th border guard police battalion is stationed near Myin Hlut Muslim villages encompassing 151.2 acres of land. Strategically positioned on the seashore adjacent to the Maungdaw-Ah Ngu Maw road, the battalion also served as a military camp.


Established in early 2023, the camp was  the last one built among 10 border guard police battalions in Maungdaw district with approximately 300 soldiers, said a local resident.


"From the road where the military checkpoint is located, it takes about half an hour to ride a motorbike to reach Myin Hlut camp. It's almost like a bustling town inside with karaoke shops and restaurants. The navy officers from vessels docked at the sea frequently come here to relax. The new fence surrounding the sea is approximately 20 feet tall and it extends all the way to Kyauk Pandu beach," he added.


The intense fighting near Kyauk Pan Du in south Maungdaw prompted the junta’s navy personnel to fire artillery shells and conduct airstrikes using jet fighters and Y12 aircraft regularly. Many residents fled their places out of fear.


The fghting in the Maungdaw region ceased for more than a week now, but on 2 June it resumed in the northern and southern parts of Maungdaw.

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