Monday, June 17th 2024

Arson attack in Buthidaung destroys thousands of private houses, 12 monasteries, 2 temples, 2 churches, 1 mosque

Narinjara News, 6 June  2024

At least 2,322 private houses belonging to Arakanese and other ethnic groups in Buthidaung town of Arakan State were destroyed due to arson attacks by the junta forces. Some 550 houses  of Muslims, 12 monasteries, two Hindu temples, two churches and one mosque were also damaged.


In an interview with VOA Burmese, the Arakan Army (AA) commander-in-chief general Twan Mrat Naing stated that before 17 April, majority of the burnt houses in Buthidaung belonged to non-Muslims.


Some Muslim houses also caught fire due to the wind from the neighbouring non-Muslim properties. On 17 April and during the final offensive, nearly 550 houses were burnt. Prior to that day, more houses were destroyed.


Twan Mrat Naing also asserted that the propaganda based satellite images lack credibility on location and time of the incidents. However, the AA possesses strong and precise evidence, he added.


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