Monday, June 17th 2024

AA occupies Inn Din 6th border guard police battalion on Maungdaw-Ah Ngu Maw Road

 Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 7 June 2024


The Arakha Army (AA) has completely captured the Inn Din 6th border guard police battalion on the Maungdaw-Ah Ngu Maw road in Arakan State, said reliable sources.


"There are casualties among the border guard personnel. Many of them also fled from the camp. Some surrendered with their weapons. Most of them ran to the sea and some were caught. Now the AA fighters are conducting a clearance operation," added the source.


The Inn Din 6th border guard police battalion is a significant military installation located in the southern part of Maungdaw.


The military base,  situated between Maungdaw and Rathedaung townships, housed around 600 junta soldiers.


The AA fighters had however faced multiple airstrikes from jet fighters and naval artillery support.


"To prevent fall of the battalion, the junta's navy in Inn Din sea continuously fired artillery shells. They also conducted airstrikes with jet fighters. However, the AA fighters managed to succeed,"  said a resident.


After the AA fighters captured the junta's border guard camps situated in south Maungdaw including three border guard camps near Kyauk Pan Du village and Jin Taw camp on 3 June, they launched an offensive against Inn Din 6th border guard police battalion and Myin Hlut 9th border guard police battalion. They succeeded in capturing the Inn Din police battalion.


After the capture of Myin Hlut 9th border guard police battalion in south Maungdaw, few bases like  Mawyawadi tactical operation command, 4th border guard police battalion, Area-7 Ah Lel Than Kyaw camp, etc will remain to be targeted.


The AA commander-in-chief general Twan Mrat Naing recently stated in a media interview that their fighters will simultaneously launch offensives against all remaining battalions and headquarters of the military junta in the Arakan region.

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