Monday, June 17th 2024

AA fighters advance towards Thandwe's Ma Zin airport

Lu Htet Naing, Narinjara News, 7 June 2024


After the Arakha Army (AA) fighters captured the junta's military camp in Gawt village, situated one mile away from Ma Zin airport (Thandwe) in Ngapali beach town of Arakan State, they are gradually advancing towards the airport.


The junta forces are trying to defend it with various means.


On the afternoon of 6 June, the AA fighters  started advancing towards Ma Zin airport, said the local residents. On the earlier day, fierce fighting erupted around Gawt village.


"Intense airstrikes are now carried out by Y12 aircraft and two jet fighters around Gawt and Sa Par Gyi villages. Many fleeing residents are now trapped at  Amara hotel. The junta soldiers targeted the hotel and also confiscated the property and belongings of boarders,” added a resident.


Thandwe airport hosts a junta's military base under close supervision by a tactical operations commander. An artillery battalion is also stationed there with three jet fighters deployed to resist the AA offensive.


The junta soldiers are receiving support from jet fighters and warships at the sea. The 55th infantry battalion and 566th light infantry battalion based in Thandwe continue firing howitzers. The fierce battles are going on along the mountain ridge and seashore near Gawt village.


Nearly 100 villagers fled from their places due to gun fighting that started on 3 June. The junta soldiers even arrested some of the fleeing villagers and locked them inside the hotel. 

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