Monday, June 17th 2024

ULA/AA focuses on self-determination and confederation: U Khaing Thuka

Eain Phyu Soe, Narinjara News, 9 June 2024

The United League of Arakan/Arakan Army (ULA/AA) is focused on achieving self-determination and confederation, said U Khaing Thukha, ULA/AA spokesperson, during a press conference on 8 June.


Responding to a reporter’s query about ULA/AA's political objectives, he stated, “We, ULA/AA, remain committed to the principles we've previously outlined. Our stance has not changed. As of today, ULA/AA has not advocated for separation. Our aim is to work towards achieving complete self-determination and establishing a confederate system."


He reiterated that ULA/AA only seeks the federal path to forge its own destiny and to establish an Arakan society capable of determining its fate.


"The way of Arakan is the path for Arakanese to shape the State's destiny, and the ULA/AA will build the future by ensuring the equality, rights and responsibilities for all ethnic groups living in Arakan State,” he added.


The military junta in the Arakan region is facing setbacks against the AA fighters. Even though they are  gaining advantages, the  AA will not pursue secession.

In response to the question of which organization will be supported between the NUG and the military regime to lead the country, U Khaing Thukha said that it will depend on the will of the Myanmar people.

"When considering who should be recognized between the military regime and the NUG, our stance prioritizes the will of the Myanmar people. What matters most include accountability, responsibility and effective initiatives. Therefore, we advocate for selecting based on who can best assume the government's responsibilities for the people," he stated. 


He added that the AA fighters will support a government that the entire Myanmar population prefers.


The AA holds significant strength and a military advantage in Arakan State and it collaborates in fighting with the People's Defense Force (PDF) in several ethnic areas and regions.


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