Monday, June 17th 2024

Artillery shell struck passenger car on Ann-Minbu road, 6 killed, 2 seriously injured

Thinzar Nwe, Narinjara News, 10 June 2024


An artillery shell struck a passenger car on the Ann-Minbu road in Arakan State on Saturday killing six people, including a female teacher and a child, and seriously injuring two others.


The deceased individuals are identified as Daw Ann Htwe, wife of U Kyaw Mya Than, and her niece from Auk village under  Ann township, a female teacher, a 2-year-old child, and two other local women.


The driver U Ngwe Lin and Daw Ann Htwe's 7-year-old daughter sustained serious injuries.


A local resident revealed that they were returning from Minbu in a Win Shwe Sin 12-seater car and their vehicle was hit by an artillery shell at around 2 pm on 8 June near Kyat Yae San village.


"The Ann-Padan-Minbu road was  opened recently by the junta forces. Many residents of Ann fled to the Minbu area. Later when the situation improved they started returning to their place. The artillery attack took place during such a return journey of residents,” added the resident.


The deceased and injured individuals were taken to Padan hospital near Kyat Yae San village.


"They were still far from Ann town. So they were taken to Padan hospital," stated the resident.


Recently, a fierce fight broke out between the junta forces and Arakha  Army (AA) fighters in nearby areas of  Kyat Yae San village.


In April, a truck carrying four students from Yangon to avoid military engagement  overturned on the Ann mountain range. Four people, including a student, died in the accident and two others were injured.



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