Monday, June 17th 2024

134 Myanmar police personnel sent back by Bangla government

 Jonathan, Narinjara News, 10 June 2024


No less than 134 members of Myanmar’s border guard police (BGP) were repatriated via waterways by the Bangladesh government in Dhaka, whereas 45 Bangladeshi nationals were sent back on Sunday, said a report in Dhaka Tribune.


The Myanmar police personnel sought refuge in Bangladesh due to the prolonged conflicts between the junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) fighters  in the Rakhine region.


Four buses carrying the BGP and military personnel arrived at Bangladesh inland water transport authority jetty in Cox's Bazar and later they were repatriated at around 10 am on 9 June.

The process was materialised under strict vigil of Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) personnel and local administration. The BGP members were transported by a tugboat to a Myanmar navy ship, which was readied for moving.


A Myanmar delegation arrived in Cox's Bazar on Saturday by navy ship and discussed the process of repatriation. By then, 45 Bangladeshi citizens, who served imprisonment in various Myanmar jails, were sent back, confirmed a Bangladeshi official.

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