Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA rescues 400 residents from Thandwe's Gawt village

Lu Htet Naing, Narinjara News, 13 June 2024

The Arakan Army (AA) has rescued over 400 residents  from Gawt village in Ngapali beach under  Thandwe township of Arakan State amid the ongoing gun fighting in the locality.

The local residents stated that the villagers were trapped due to the conflict between the junta forces and AA fighters on 8 and 9 June, whom they rescued.


"The villagers were trapped due to the junta’s airstrikes for many days. The AA fighters successfully rescued them and sent them to AA controlled areas for necessary support,” said an individual currently supporting the villagers.


"Many residents came forward supporting the displaced families. The monks are providing food and other items to them. The displaced villagers, who had to leave their houses, farms, fields and other belongings, now prefer to go home,” added the individual.


In Shwe Hlay sub-township, which is now under AA’s  control, there are more than a thousand displaced persons hailing from Daw Mya, Kyaung Kone, Pa Yit, Yae Kauk and Nat Taung Maw and Gawt villages.


On 7 June, the AA announced that their fighters attacked a speedboat belonging to the junta soldiers, which sank near Gawt mountain in the northern Ngapali beach.

The fighting areas spread around 2.6 and 6.5 km northwest of Ngapali (Ma Zin) airport in Thandwe.

The AA fighters advanced to the airport and the junta soldiers continued defending it with military support from the army, navy and air force personnel.


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