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Bangladesh protests against Myanmar over shooting at trawlers

Jonathan, Narinjara News, 14 June 2024


Bangladesh protested against Myanmar over the shooting incidents on Bangladeshi trawlers between Teknaf and St. Martin's island of  Cox's Bazar, which is adjacent to the Myanmar border.

An official from the Bangla foreign ministry disclosed that Dhaka had sent a protest letter to Myanmar regarding the incidents, reported Daily Bangladesh on Friday.


"We have sent a notice to Myanmar protesting the shooting incidents. No bullets should target individuals in Bangladesh," quoting the official, the media outlet reported.


Earlier, Dhaka protested the incidents of shelling by the military junta inside Bangladesh.

"Any conflict inside Myanmar is their internal affairs, but that should not affect the people and properties of Bangladesh," added the official.


As renewed fighting in Myanmar spread across Naf river, which separates the neighbouring countries, created a panicky situation among the residents of Shah Porir Dwip in Teknaf of Cox's Bazar.


The fighting escalated after a Myanmar warship arrived on Naf river, opposite to Shah Porir Dwip on 12 June.

e local residents could not sleep for the whole night due to heavy explosions in Myanmar that continued till 11 am on 13 June.


Due to continued fierce gun fighting between the junta forces and Arakha Army AA fighters since February, many junta soldiers  retreated and some entered in Bangladesh.


On 13 June, Myanmar foreign minister U Than Swe and Bangladesh ambassador Md Monwar Hossain discussed in NayPyiTaw about the continued collaboration between the two neighbouring countries. They also emphasised on maintaining stability and peace in promoting people-to-people contacts. During the meeting, there was however no mention of the protest letter from Dhaka. (Photo: Internet)

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