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Sittwe residents face price rises as Yangon cargo shipments remain blocked

Hnin Nwe Ni, Narinjara News, 15 June 2024

The goods, shipped from Yangon by cargo ships to Sittwe of Arakan State, are yet to reach and it causes price rises of essential commodities.


A female resident of Sittwe revealed that due to cyclone Remal that struck Bangladesh and Myanmar on 27 May the cargo ships were blocked in Yangon. As of 14 June, the blockade to  Sittwe continues.


"Earlier the price of an egg was Kyats 600 and now it costs Kyats 1200 per egg. A small piece of meat at any restaurant may cost Kyats 4,000 and a piece of fish costs Kyats 5,000. The  eggs and coconuts reached Sittwe from Yangon by the ships,” she added.


In November 2023, when the Arakha Army (AA) and junta forces renewed gun fighting, the junta soldiers blocked the land and waterways in Arakan State.

When the residents of Sittwe started ordering  food items through airlines paying high prices,  the junta forces allowed cargo ships to resume the operation to Sittwe in April.

However on 30 May, as a loaded ship was restricted in moving from Yangon to Sittwe citing the weather situation.


"The ship carried eggs, onions, dried fishes, tamarinds, coconuts, etc and it was supposed to arrive in the beginning of June, but it did not reach Sittwe till date,” asserted the lady.


"When the ships arrive, essential commodities cost moderately. The waterways to  Sittwe have been blocked by the junta soldiers because of weather conditions,”  said a Muslim youth from Thae Chaung village under Sittwe township.


Now the Sittwe residents are facing the shortage of Thiri Don rice-variety, whereas Paw San Hmwe and glutinous rice grains remain available in the market.


It’s understood that many bags of rice grains are now stuck in Yangon port. If the situation does not improve, the residents will face a severe shortage of food items in the coming days.


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