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AA captures 4 more military bases in Maungdaw, 200 junta soldiers killed

Narinjara News, 15 June 2024

The Arakan Army (AA) captured four more military bases in Maungdaw township on western Myanmar border and wiped out over 200 junta soldiers including colonel Tay Zar Htay, Mawyawadi tactical operation commander.


According to an AA statement, the captured military bases include  4th border guard police battalion headquarters, Ah Lel Than Kyaw camp, Mawyawadi tactical operation command and Na Khaung To camp.


 The 4th border guard battalion headquarters was captured at around 7 am on 10 June, Ah Lel Than Kyaw camp at 7:46 am on 10 June, Mawyawadi  tactical operation command at 7 am on 13 June and Na Khaung To camp at 6 pm on 13 June.

Among these military camps, Mawyawadi tactical operation command was the last remaining important military base in south Maungdaw.


The AA fighters also captured  Tower Hill camp, Kyauk Pan Du camp, Gwa Sone Pyin camp, Myin Hlut camp, Inn Din camp (also known as  6th border guard police battalion) and 9th border guard police battalion in Maungdaw in the first week of June.


Earlier, AA occupied all military bases in Buthidaung and continued their offensives against the remaining military camps in Maungdaw near Arakan-Bangladesh border.


The junta camps in Ann, Thandwe and Maungdaw localities are now facing AA offensives. Meanwhile, the  AA fighters eliminated many junta  soldiers, who fled the battleground without surrendering to them.


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