Sunday, July 21st 2024

91 Mro families trapped in Maungdaw, need urgent assistance

Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 17 June 2024


No less than 91 Mro ethnic families with total population of  595 are reportedly trapped in the conflict areas at 3-mile of Maungdaw township and they need urgent assistance.


The Mro families fled from  Thi Ho Aye and Kaing Gyi villages and they are now taking shelter at 3-mile monastery. They have no money to  buy rice grains and even  cannot go out for works, said the administrator of Thi Ho Aye village.


Among the displaced Mro people, 79 families (537 individuals) came  from Thi Ho Aye village and 12 families (58 individuals) came from Kaing Gyi village.


They are yet to receive any assistance from NGOs, INGOs including the UN. In earlier occasions, many organisations came forward supporting them.


Some of them are now living with forest vegetables and fruits on the mountains.  Due to the ongoing  intense fighting between the junta forces and Arakha Army (AA) fighters in nearby areas to  Maungdaw, the villagers find it difficult to move outside. So the displaced families also fail to collect  forest produces regularly for their survival. 

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