Sunday, July 21st 2024

Junta’s airstrikes on 3 Ann villages kill three family members, destroy monastery

Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 21 June 2024


The junta forces launched a series of airstrikes on three villages under  Ann township of Arakan State that killed a 4-year-old child along with two others of a family. Two individuals sustained injuries and a monastery with three other houses were also destroyed.

The victims include Maung Nay Moe Than (4), Ma May Zin Aye (17) and Ko Than Win Naing (25) who were residents of Thea Kan Htaung village. The injured individuals are U Maung Pu (45) and Daw Ma Yin Aye (68).

Sin Oo Tike village monastery and three houses in Kazu Kaing village were destroyed.


A local resident informed Narinjara News that the junta soldiers fired a missile from a jet fighter over  Thea Kan Htaung village at around 11 am on 20 June. The missile struck a house resulting in an explosion and the casualties. The junta’s airstrikes also hit  Sin Oo Tike and Kazu Kaing villages.

"A jet fighter initiated an airstrike on Thea Kan Htaung village followed by a bombing on the monastery. Another airstrike targeted Kazu Kaing village resulting in the collapse of three houses," added the resident.


The junta soldiers are deliberately conducting airstrikes on the residential villages amidst intense fighting against Arakha Army fighters at Kazu Kaing Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command in Ann locality.

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