Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA launches artillery attacks on Ann town airfield, western command

 Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 21 June 2024


Fierce gun fighting erupted between the junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) in various places under Ann township, as the AA fighters targeted the military airfield and western command.


"The AA fighters fired artillery shells targeting  the airfield, stadium and western command under Ann locality,” said a resident, who is a regular monitor over military situations in the Rakhine region.


He added that the AA fighters are using the artillery, which were seized from the junta bases.


"One can say the proverb 'set a thief to catch a thief’ by the  AA fighters, as they used the artillery, seized from the junta forces, to hit their targets,” explained the resident.


He pointed out that the western command could survive only because of regular military aid from the junta. Currently, fierce fighting is going on at Taw Hein mountain area of Ann township.


“The AA fighters launched an offensive targeting the mountain peak. The phone lines are not working that makes it difficult to gather authentic information from the ground," he stated.


If Taw Hein mountain falls into the hands of AA fighters, they would advance towards the town. The junta forces are intensifying their residence to resist the AA offensives.


Meanwhile, the junta forces have increased their presence in Mel Taung village. Ann is now understood to be  a heavily militarized zone after Sittwe. Moreover, Ann holds a great strategic importance for the junta forces. In a real sense, both Sittwe and Ann are crucial towns for the junta forces," he asserted.


The junta forces are now increasing their  military presence around Taw Hein mountain and Mel mountain. They are also trying to establish many artillery bases near Kyauk Za Kwe village. A large number of landmines are being planted by the junta soldiers in those areas.

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