Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA intercepts junta reinforcement column in Taungup, 60 soldiers killed

Aye Myat Khaing, Narinjara News, 22 June 2024


The Arakha Army (AA) intercepted a column of around 160 soldiers advancing from Pyay town in the Magway region to Taungup township of Arakan State. As both armed parties engaged in clashes, over 60 junta soldiers, including a captain, were killed.


On the afternoon of 20 June, the AA intercepted the column coming down on the Taungup-Pandaung road of  Taungup locality. It followed an intense fighting in between Pet Lel and Nay Pu Taung villages till the next day’s morning.


The AA fighters strategically positioned themselves and intercepted the column. The captain who was killed in the conflict hailed from Guta ward in Taungup. However, Narinjara News can not confirm the information.


Some casualties were also reported from the AA side.  The junta soldiers stationed at the university premises started firing artillery shells. The 544th battalion and Tat Oo Taung also engaged in artillery firing. The relentless airstrikes resulted  in the casualties on AA side, said a local resident.


Earlier, the junta forces expelled the rector and teachers from Taungup University and put artillery inside the campus to face  the AA offensive.


Meanwhile, thousands of local residents fled from their places. Civilian casualties were also reported from  Taungup locality as the junta soldiers continuously fired artillery shells and conducted airstrikes in civilian areas.


On 18 June, a fighter jet from Magway conducted airstrikes near Pan Tin Khone pagoda hill and its  surrounding villages under  Pan Tin sub-township. At least  three people, including two women, were killed and many injured in the clashes.


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