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Over 70 junta soldiers, including 2 captains, killed in Taungup conflict

Kant Kaw Ni Ni, Narinjara News, 22 June 2024

Over 70 military junta soldiers, including two captains, were killed in the five-day Taungup conflict that began in the third week of June, said a military source. The victim captains are Aung Zaw Tun and Kyaw Min Thu from the 544th light infantry battalion.


"Casualties among the junta soldiers may rise as the fighting continues. The Arakan Army (AA) fighters appear to hold the tactical and combat positions successfully. If the AA fighters intensify their offensive, the junta soldiers in Taungup may have to face defeat,” added the source.


Captain Aung Zaw Tun and several soldiers were killed in Chaung Kauk ward under  Taungup town on the night of 15 June. Many other soldiers sustained injuries in the skirmish.


On the other hand, captain Kyaw Min Thu along with over  60 soldiers were killed in a skirmish near Nay Pu Taung under the same township on 20 June. Kyaw Min Thu reportedly hailed from Guta ward and was a resident near Guta school. His father is identified as Sayar U Tun Wai.

As the AA fighters intercepted the junta column consisting  of 200 reinforcements from Bago region and thus the junta soldiers became victims.


From 15 to  22 June (during the Taungup battle) four civilians were killed and four others were injured by the airstrikes carried out by junta soldiers.

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