Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA captures Ma Zin airport in Ngapali beach of Thandwe

Lu Htet Naing, Narinjara News, 24 June 2024


The Arakan Army (AA) has taken over Ma Zin airport at Ngapali beach of Thandwe township in Arakan State on Sunday morning, said local and reliable sources.


"The AA fighters staged a feint offensive from Thandwe's Kin Maw road and entered from Pan Chin Pauk Hmo Hin Pyin to seize control of the airport. Their strategy succeeded as the 566th infantry battalion may fall soon. In Ngapali, the families of soldiers are preparing to evacuate," said a Ngapali resident.


The soldiers stationed at the airport were unable to resist the AA offensive and fled.


"The 55th and 566th battalions were stationed at the airport together. Some soldiers  died and most of them fled. Those who escaped regrouped at the 55th battalion. Currently, the AA fighters are attacking the 566th infantry  battalion, located one mile away from the airport,” added the resident.


Despite the joint deployment of the 55th and 566th infantry battalions and soldiers from Ayeyarwady region at the airport, the junta soldiers relinquished control due to their inability to resist the AA offensive.


A local political veteran stated that the capture of Thandwe airport, which is crucial for the military regime, showcases  the  ability of AA fighters. He also noted that the 55th and 566th infantry battalions were on the verge of collapse.


While the AA fighters attacked Ma Zin airport, the junta soldiers conducted a series of airstrikes on Shwe Kyaung Pyin village near Thandwe township, which killed two civilians and destroyed many houses.



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