Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA fully captures Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command in Ann

Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 24 June 2024


The Arakan Army (AA) has completely captured the Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command near Kazu Kaing in Ann township of Arakan State after nearly three months of intense fighting.

Various news outlets including BBC Burmese reported that the military base under the western command of the military junta was captured completely.


A source close to the AA informed Narinjara News that the entire military base was captured at around 2:30 am on Sunday where nearly  200 bodies of junta soldiers were recovered.


"It was a hilltop tactical command under the leadership of a brigadier general. It was seized early this morning and a large number of dead bodies were found,” added the source.

The AA fighters also seized a good number of prisoners of war with ammunition. They were provided necessary humanitarian care including medical treatment to the wounded individuals.

Local residents informed that at around 8 am today, the junta soldiers conducted approximately 30 airstrikes using jet fighters, Y-12 and Y-8 aircrafts around the Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command.

The AA fighters are currently chasing the junta soldiers who fled from the military base.


Following the capture of Taw Hein Taung, Ann town becomes vulnerable to potential attacks by the AA fighters. So the junta forces in Ann town have increased their presence and fortified their defence.

The junta forces also bolstered their presence in Mel mountain near Mel Let Maung village under  Ann township  and built guard-outposts to prevent easy access to the town area.


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