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Maungdaw’s WFP warehouse destroyed by junta soldiers

Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 24 June 2024


The World Food Program (WFP) rice warehouse near Wai Thar Li village under Maungdaw township,  located on the western border of Arakan State, was looted and deliberately set on fire by junta soldiers, said local eyewitnesses.


A group of soldiers belonging to the 2nd border guard police battalion (Na Kha Kha- 2) retreated after an attack by the AA fighters and on their retreat they set the WFP warehouse on fire.


"The junta soldiers looted most of the rice grains from the warehouse and later burned down the entire village. Na KhaKha-2  personnel  even sold many bags of rice," said a resident.


The Arakha Army (AA) captured the headquarters of Na Kha Kha-2 in 4-mile during the early hours of 23 June.


"After an intense fighting, the AA fighters captured both Na Kha Kha-2 and NaKhaKha-5 bases in Maungdaw. When the junta soldiers retreated from Na KhaKha-2, they set many houses on fire in 4-mile area,” added the resident.


The residents informed that the soldiers targeted the houses belonging to both Arakanese and Muslim residents  as well as to the WFP warehouse.  (Photo: Maungdaw's WFP warehouses)


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