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Man, girl lose legs after stepping on landmine in Taungup, another gone missing

Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 25 June 2024


A man and a young woman lost their legs and another person was missing after stepping on a landmine planted by the junta forces.


The victims are identified as U Maung Ni (50 years old) and Ma Ah Pu Chey, a teenager, hailing from Don village under Taungup Myoma sub-township.


A local resident informed Narinjara News that they were gathering firewood from Don village to Karuna dam at around 9 am on Tuesday and accidentally stepped on a landmine planted by the junta soldiers near the dam.


U Maung Ni’s right leg was amputated, while Ma Ah Pu Chey's right leg sustained serious injuries leading to amputation of both legs. They are now receiving medical treatment in the hospital. The legs were amputated below the ankles.


Karuna dam provides water to Taungup town. With the apprehension of a possible offensive by the Arakha Army (AA) fighters on Taungup, the junta soldiers increased their military presence and planted landmines in various places of the township and nearby villages.


The junta forces scattered landmines across farms, plantations, forests, mountains, fields, dams, etc where local people go for work. Now the populace is asked to avoid visiting those areas.

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