Sunday, July 21st 2024

Intense fighting erupts near western command headquarters in Ann

 Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 26 June 2024


The Arakan Army (AA) continues its offensive along the Mel Taung ridge, where the junta soldiers under the western command in Ann township of  Arakan State, are stationed.


A local military source informed Narinjara News that the AA fighters chased the fleeing soldiers from the Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command in Ann locality leading the fighting to reach the Mel Taung ridge.


"Currently, the fighting is going on. The soldiers, who  fled  from Taw Hein Taung, were chased by the AA fighters. The soldiers in Mel Taung joined hands with the fleeing personnel to counter the AA offensive,” added the source.


The junta forces stationed at the air defense forces in Ann town and they are firing artillery shells over the fighting site and around the affected village.


"We could hear the sound  of exploded artillery shells. It is unclear which villages faced the attacks as the communication network is not working in order," said a female resident.


Following the capture of Taw Hein Taung, the township became vulnerable to the potential attacks by AA fighters. As a result, the junta forces increased their presence and fortified their defence in Ann locality.


Local residents reported that Mel Taung, the current battleground, is a ridge where the junta  established a number of outposts and tried to expand their forces.

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