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Loud explosions in Myanmar cause panic among Bangladeshi people

Jonathan, Narinjara News, 27 June 2024


The loud explosions, which took place in Myanmar, spread panic among the residents of neighbouring Bangladesh, said a Bangladeshi media outlet.


Arakan State in western Myanmar is experiencing a series of loud explosions which created a panicky situation in  Cox's Bazar's Teknaf and its adjacent areas of Bangladesh.


The Bangladeshi residents could hear the sound of explosions along the Teknaf border till 26 June morning.


The residents revealed to the Bangla media outlet that they had hardly heard such a loud explosion in an earlier occasion.


Since the morning hours of Tuesday, they heard the sound of mortar shelling and artillery firing from inside Myanmar.


Jasim, a resident of  Sabrang area, informed that the thunder-like explosions were heard since Monday evening.


Sabrang Union Parishad chairman Noor Hussain informed that the area lies across the Naf river, which is opposite to Maungdaw locality of Rakhine State.


Mujibur Rahman, chairman of Saint Martin Union Parishad, stated that the sound of explosions from Maungdaw  was heard from Saint Martin Island too.


From 5 pm on 25 June  till the morning hours of 26 June, mortar shelling and bomb explosions took place in  Maungdaw.


Gun fighting between the military junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) fighters were  going on  in those areas.


Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) personnel imposed strict measures to prevent Myanmar people from entering their land.


They are patrolling the Teknaf border from morning hours till in the evening and reiterated that nobody will be allowed to arrive in Bangladesh. (Photo by The Business Standard)

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