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CYLA blocks import route from India to Arakan causing hardship to traders

 Hnin Nwe Ni, Narinjara News, 29 June 2024

Central Young Lai Association (CYLA) has closed the main road used for importing food products from Mizoram (India) to Arakan State since Monday leaving the traders stranded and facing a lot of hardships.


"From 12 pm on 24 June, it became impossible to travel from Lawngtlai to Te Twin as the CYLA closed the road. We loaded our cars full of goods and made all arrangements to go to Arakan, but we couldn't proceed. Now, we are stranded in Lawngtlai with our goods. If the road remains closed for more days, we will face a major loss," said an affected trader.


The traders, who came to buy goods in Lawngtlai locality  of Mizoram, are facing difficulties as they have been prevented from  transporting the goods to Arakan after purchasing.

Since 13 November last year, the military junta blocked all land and waterways in Arakan State disrupting the flow of goods and causing severe food and fuel shortages.

Later, Arakanese traders began travelling through Kyauktaw town to Mizoram to purchase major food items like peanut oil, mustard oil, onion, garlic, consumer goods, fuel, medicine, etc and import to Arakan localities.


A resident informed that people in the Arakha Army (AA) controlled  townships still find their livelihoods comfortable as these supplies are regularly coming.


"We had a comfortable livelihood because of the goods coming in from that side. But it may be difficult if we don't receive goods from India. Due to the road blockade, the gasoline price is increasing,” said a female resident of Mrauk-U.

The CYLA  issued a statement announcing that  the main road used for importing food products from Mizoram to Arakan was closed on 24 June.


In the statement, the association argued that initially they believed the imported food items were meant for the Arakanese people. However, it came to their notice that the AA was focusing on bolstering its presence in those areas where the AA fighters engaged in conflicts with the Chin people.


The CYLA repeatedly warned them to stop fighting with the Chin Brotherhood Alliance, but they refused to comply with and hence  the association  blocked the food supply route to Arakan.


Meanwhile, Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) issued a protest letter regarding the blockade of goods by the CYLA.

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