Monday, June 17th 2024

MOC-15’s deputy division commander, hundreds of junta soldiers with family members surrender to AA

Aye Myat Khaing, Narinjara News, 7 May 2024

 Hundreds of junta soldiers, including the deputy division commander, along with their families surrendered to the Arakha Army (AA) following a massive offensive on the headquarters of 15th military operations command (MOC-15), which had been under siege by the AA fighters for some days.


The AA in a video release on Monday claimed that those who surrendered their lives were spared. Till now, hundreds of junta soldiers were killed during the battle to capture MOC-15 and the AA fighters are now chasing the remaining soldiers, who managed to escape.


The AA video claims that many Muslims, who received military training, were with the junta soldiers.


On 4 May the AA fighters completely captured four major military bases including the headquarters of 15th military operations command (MOC-15) along with four other battalions in Buthidaung locality. Kyee Kan Pyin border guard police headquarters in Maungdaw township has  also gone to AA’s control.


The AA fighters  seized control of the headquarters of 15th military operations command (MOC-15) and several light infantry battalions in Buthidaung. They have also occupied various strategic locations including the hill-based camps, border guard police battalions and military bases in Maungdaw.


Now Rakhine political analysts apprehend that both the Buthidaung and Maungdaw regions will fall very soon.


On 4 and 5 May, as the conflict escalated in both the regions, 132 junta soldiers sought refuge in Bangladesh and they also carried their weapons with them.

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