Battles spreading to central Arakan

Narinjara News, 27 December 2019

The ongoing gun-battles between Myanmar Army (Tamadaw) personnel and Arakan Army (AA) members slowly spread to central areas of Arakan State in western Myanmar.

Very recently two central Arakanese townships namely Meabon and Ann (where the western command headquarter is based) have witnessed the incidents of fierce-fighting.

Till October 2019, the gun-battles were confined to seven townships-  Kyauk Taw, Mrauk U, Min Bya, Rathidaung, Ponna Kyunt, Buthidaung,  Maungdaw-  of northern Arakan  along with  Paletwa of  Chin State.

Now the battles spread to Ann and Meabon Townships located at central part of Arakan state.
Sa Nyin village administrator informed that the security forces even used a jet fighter and two helicopters in Meabon township  against  AA members on 25 December. The jet fighter was once again used on 26 December.  The battle lasted for a complete day where both sides used small guns as well as heavy artilleries.

Over 2400 villagers from  Sa Nyin, Hinka Raw, Inn Gyan, Lee Thun and Satya fled their homes for safer places. Scared of gun-fights the villagers took shelter at various IDP camps in Kan Hton Gyi and Nyung Kan villages under Meabon township.

Colonel Win Zaw Oo, spokesman of the western command confirmed that the battle lasted for three days.

“One battle broke out in Meabon and another in Paletwa township of Chin. The battle is still going on in those areas,” added the officer.

AA news releases on 26 December also revealed that fierce battles broke out in Paletwa, Buthidaung and Meabon townships on that day alone.