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“There may have been AA in the village” says MP as airstrikes kill 21 people

“There may have been AA in the village” says MP as airstrikes kill 21 people

Chit Ee Hlaing
Narinjara News, 18 March 2020

In relation to an airstrike on a village that left 21 people dead in Paletwa, Chin State MP U Hwet Tin has said that the village was attacked as “there may have been AA in the village”.

“Villagers said that the village was attacked by aircraft, but that they had not heard any clashes taking place in the area.  They thought the attack was carried out as AA troops may have been present in the village, and that is why they were shot at” U Hwet Tin told Narinjara.

Myanmar Tatmadaw airstrikes on Wet Ma village tract and Pyaing Tin villages in Paletwa on March 14 and 15, killed 21 and has left up to 27 people injured.

" Tatmadaw aircraft attacked two villages on March 14 - Meik Sar Wa (2) and Meik Sar Wa (3), killing 12 and injured 15.  On March 15 at around 4pm, more airstrikes were carried out on Wet Ma village leaving 8 dead, and also on Pyaing Tin village leaving one dead.  12 people were injured in those two villages,"  U Hwet Tin said.

Approximately 1,200 people from Wet Ma and five surrounding villages have left the homes in search of safety.  Five houses were also destroyed in fire due to the airstrikes, U Hwet Tin confirmed.

The Myanmar Times reported that the Tatmadaw True News Information Team secretary, Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun has said that it was not immediately clear what had happened, as they did not have eyes on the ground. It was impossible to take action without specific information from the Myanmar Army concerning the airstrikes.  The Tatmadaw has a responsibility for the security of the people, although there are limitations and difficulties doing this.  The airstrikes, he said were not carried out irresponsibly.

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