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Sittwe CB Bank employee tests positive for COVID-19

Ein Soe Hpyu

Narinjara News 18 August 2020

The Minister of Health and Sports announced on August 16 that a female CB Bank employee in Sittwe had tested positive for the Corona virus.

Patient 375 is a 26-year-old woman living in Sittwe.

The CB Bank employee who was diagnosed with the coronavirus began showing symptoms on her way back from a trip to two townships. Up to 13 people have come in close contact with her.

The 26-year-old CB Bank employee who lives in Danyawaddy Ward in Sittwe had visited Kyaukphyu on July 31 with six other employees. On August 3 she visited Ponnakyun. On August 12, she became ill with a fever and lost her sense of smell.  Sittwe Hospital Superintendent Dr Zaw Lwin told Narinjara that the patient and her 40-year-old mother had been admitted to the hospital where they were being treated.

He said, “she went to Kyaukphyu and Ponnakyun with six other bank employees. On the way back on the 12th  she fell ill with a fever and lost her sense of smell, so she was taken to Sittwe Hospital for treatment. Her mother is also there too. ”

Dr. Zaw Lwin explained that there were many people who had come into contact with her - she currently lives with seven family members, and 13 bank employees who travelled with her and come in close contact with her.

"Primary contacts are people who are in close contact with her. They will be examined tomorrow. Secondary contacts who have been in contact them will be admitted to the hospital for quarantine in collaboration with the Department of Public Health. Her mother will be examined tomorrow, ”he said.

She lives with a total of seven people - both parents, one brother and one sister; house tenants include a mother and a father and their 3-year-old child. It is understood that the child has been ill with a fever since August 13.


She became ill with a fever and runny nose and lost her sense of smell on August 12.

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