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Two more infected patients in Sittwe, 6 new cases reported in 5 days

Khaing Lu Hla (Yoma Myay)

Narinjara News 20 August 20, 2020

Two more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Sittwe, bringing the six new cases within just five days.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports at 8 am today, two new cases are a 40-year-old man (patient 395) and the other was a 29-year-old woman (patient 396).

Of the two, male patient 395 had no history of travelling abroad, but had been in contact with patient 375, a female member of staff at a bank who was diagnosed on 16 August, the statement said.

The patient 396 had no contact with infected patients and no history of travelling abroad.

A female CB Bank employee tested positive for the virus on August 16 in Sittwe, and within five days five other people have been diagnosed.

A statement from the Ministry of Health and Sports on August 19 reported that three women in Sittwe had tested positive.

The three women were identified as 23-year-old patient 377, who works for DRC an international NGO, and the family members of bank employees, 50-year-old patient 378 and 45-year-old patient 459.

At present, all six patients are under observation and being treated at Sittwe General Hospital.

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