Heavy storm racks IDP camp in Meabon

Tun Kaing (Taung Yin Kyun)

Narinjara News, 3 June 2020

Urgent repair work and renovations are needed in Kaing Gyi IDP camp, Meabon Township, after a storm racked the camp’s tents that provide shelter to IDPs. There are currently 42 households, 162 people (70 male, 92 female) who live in the camp.

 On May 27 at around 2 pm, a storm hit Kaing Gyi camp, blowing away and destroying tents.  The situation has further deteriorated as the rainy season has started, making living conditions even worse, according to the Ko Shwe Soe, who is responsible for the camp.

  “On May 27 at around 2pm, the winds really picked up and blew over all the tents in the camp. There isn’t even one tent left standing. It’s especially bad for the elderly and the young children, and now the rains have started.  We are currently staying in the village hall, and we have to make do with that.  Its really small, and we have to store everything inside there as well, so it isn’t really suitable for people to live in.  We have to put up with it, but it isn’t somewhere to live” he said.

 It will affect the elderly and young children’s health if they have to stay there for long periods of time, he added.

“We haven’t received assistance from either the authorities or international organisations, we can so can only priorities feeding and looking after ourselves. We haven’t got round to sorting out suitable shelters.  We just don’t have the money, and it’s really difficult” he said.

It has been reported that the U Zin Thabarwanaddi from the Mayu Region Charitable Group will donate 1.5 million kyat to the camp leader, with the proceeds going towards building suitable shelters in Kaing Gyi IDP camp. 

Also in other areas of Meabon, it has been reported that help and support are required to build shelters in Yet Chaung camp.

 In this camp, IDPs are from Tha Pyay Daw, Gan Gaw Chaung, Gyan Hin Ka and Gan Ni villages.

 (Photo –Natural River)