Thousands rally against the Military Council in Shwebo, Tabayin a day after coup anniversary

February 3, 2023. (Narinjara)


On February 2nd, a day after the second anniversary of the military coup, thousands of people in Shwebo and Tabayin Townships of Sagaing Division protested against the Military Council.


"They (The Junta Regime) were the ones who burned the villages. And they accused there were vote frauds in the previous election. Just look at the people who are protesting. Anyone with a brain knows how many people support them”, a female protester said.


Protests against the military dictatorship in those areas were held sporadically by only a few tens of people every day, but on February 2nd, a large number of people gathered to oppose the Junta Regime unanimously. A nationwide silent strike was held on February 1st, the second anniversary of the coup, so, mass rally like that was decided to stage on the following day.


Revolutionary fighters and local People's Defense Forces also joined those who protested the Military Council.


Another woman who participated in the protest said, "Because February 1st coincided with the nationwide silent strike, our mass protest had to be moved to the next day. There are people everywhere like us who don't want their rule. I am very pleased that it started with just one or two people but grew into a big rally involving thousands of people. It's time for Min Aung Hlaing to fall”.


Sagaing Division is one of the territories where the strongest fighting against the coup Military Council took place. The Junta Regime declared martial law on February 2nd in Indaw, Banmauk, Kawlin, Pinlebu, Myaung, Salingyi, Pale, Yinmabin, Khin-U, Taze and Ye-U townships in Sagaing.


Photo - Mass rally held in Shwebo and Tabayin on February 2nd