CNA-CDF captures Thantlang police station in area under martial law in Chin state

Narinjara News February 9, 2023

On the night of February 8, the CNA-CDF attacked and captured the police station in Thantlang, Chin State, where martial law had been declared.

The CNA-CDF joint forces said that the camp was attacked at around 10:00pm and was completely captured by 1.00 am on February 9. 40 weapons, as well as military equipment, drone weapons, and grenades  were seized from the captured police station. A CNA comrade was killed in the attack.

We attacked with joint forces. It was around 10 oclock at night. We captured weapons but a comrade was killed," said a CNA member.

Residents said that due to the capture of the police station, the regime ‘s air force carried out at least three bombing raids, a Thantlang resident said.

The military council came to the relief of the police station with their warplanes, CAN had captured the entire camp. The people are also worriedbecause of their indiscriminate shellings.  

Thantlang is one of the 37 townships declared by the Military Council as martial law areas on February 2. On January 31, CNA-CDF joint forces attacked the Military Council troops stationed at CB Bank in the city, and arrested 6 Military Council soldiers along with weapons and ammunition.

The first aerial bombardment by the Military Council in 2023 targeted Camp Victoria, theheadquarters of the Chin National Front (CNF) carried out on January 10 and 11. 5 CNF soldiers were killed.

The revolutionary forces have stepped up attacks in the 37 of the townships that have been declared under martial law by the Military Council.