Six villagers gone missing after army’s detention

Narinjara News, 24 November 2019

At least six villagers in Kyauk Taw township have gone missing since 20 November soon they were picked up by a column of Myanmar Army.

According to the family sources, the villagers were taken by Myanmar security forces at 7.30 am on Wednesday as they were at a village tea-house of Miwa under Kyauk Taw township, located at the upper part of Kaladan River.

Since then, family members had not received opportunities to meet them as the army column brought them out of the village.

“I heard that my brother with five other villagers was detained by the army from Kyaw Yee Byin village monastery. Their village is only a half-mile away from ours,” said a sister of U Shwe Nu, one of the detainees.

Three detained villagers were tied with pillars at the ground floor. Others were not tied but they were not allowed to come out of the monastery.

The lady however asserted that if the authority finds anyone guilty of unlawful activities, they may be punished under the existing laws.

“But I am sure that my brother is innocent and he is not involved with any activities against the government. Now all the family members are worried over their securities,” she asserted.

Among those detained individuals, three persons hail from Miwa village, one from Moon Than Byint village and the rest of them are yet to be properly identified.

Miwa administrator informed that the army brought the villagers to work as jungle guides to the security forces, but later they were detained with the suspicion of maintaining links with Arakan Army members.