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Intense fighting reported in MrauK U this morning

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  • | Date: 24 December 2023
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 The battle between the Arakan Army (AA) and junta forces erupted this morning in Mrauk U, an ancient city of Arakan State, and the intense fighting continued for many hours.


The local residents informed that the fighting lasted for more than 5 hours. Both sides used artillery shells.


At around 4 am on Sunday, the AA members attacked the city police station and Thudaw Ma military camp located at the northern entrance gate to Mrauk U township.


"As far as the Mrauk U battle is concerned, the fighting started at 3:55 am. The small gunshots stopped at around 9 am, but the army's heavy weapons continued to fire till 10 am," they added.


The  LIB 377 battalion, number 31 police battalion, LIB 540 battalion opened fire with heavy weapons targeting the concerned locations.


At least five civilians hailing from Wra Hong Daw village and Sin Cha Seike neighborhood area were hit by the heavy weapon-bullets which were shelled by the junta battalions.


A young Mrauk U resident informed that due to the gun fighting many residents left their places.


"Some residents of Mrauk U had moved out of the city after the news of gun fighting spread a few days back. Now more people will flee as the gun fighting has taken place in the locality, " he added.


When contacted at 9:59 am, the local residents informed  Narinjara News that the sound of gunfire had already stopped. However, some heavy weapons of the junta forces are still making noises.


 The ongoing fighting between the AA members and military soldiers in Rakhine State has lately escalated  and it has covered the entire State. 

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