Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

A 50 feet long dead whale found stranded on coral reef of Gwa township

A large whale, estimated to be around 50 feet long, was found dead and stranded on a coral reef in Gwa township of Rakhine State this morning, said local residents.


A resident of Laung Kyoe village informed Narinjara News that the whale was found near Mya Thi Lar housing project, which is about a mile north of the village.

"The whale was stranded on a coral reef near the Mya Thi Lar housing project. Fishermen first saw it in the morning hours. I also took photos of the dead whale, which was already rotting," added the resident.

The local fishermen found it at around  8:30 am. The resident said that the whale was around 50 feet long and its body had a diameter of nearly 30 feet.


On 31 May 2022, a baby whale was found dead at  Pone Nyet beach in Gwa locality.


Earlier on 15 January 2020, a 46 feet long whale was found dead at  Ah Lel Than Kyaw beach in southern Maungdaw township.


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