Tuesday, May 21st 2024

All border guard personnel desert area-5 Nga Khura outpost in Maungdaw locality

More than 200 border guard personnel along with their families fled area-5 Nga Khura border guard outpost in northern Maungdaw township on  the night of Saturday, said reliable sources.


"They fled through the waterway using boats at around 10 pm on 13 April. They may have escaped to Bangladesh or Yae Myat Taung," said the source.


A resident of Nga Khura confirmed that the border guard personnel left the outpost and their number will be more than 200.


"If the family members are included their total will be over 200. They fled using boats, presumably towards Bangladesh. It remains unclear whether they actually headed towards the neighbouring country,” stated the source.

The AA fighters seized the outpost and were in the process of clearing the area.


Regarding the Nga Khura outpost, Narinjara News is still in touch with ULA/AA official U Khaing Thukha for more updates.

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