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WFP condemns burning of Its warehouse in Maungdaw

Narinjara News, 25 June 2024


The World Food Program (WFP) of the  United Nations condemned the looting of food supplies and burning of its warehouse in Maungdaw town of Arakan State in Myanmar on Saturday.


The WFP has been providing emergency food support to individuals affected by the conflict in Myanmar and extended assistance to nearly one million people this year, said a statement of WFP.


The looting of food and other goods along with the destruction of humanitarian facilities in Maungdaw is undermining WFP's relief efforts and must be stopped immediately, added the statement.


It also urges all parties involved in the conflict to uphold their obligations under the international humanitarian laws.


Emphasizing on respecting and safeguarding the facilities and assets, the WFP stated that safe and secure access for delivering remains a crucial assistance to those in urgent need.


WFP staff have faced challenges in accessing the Maungdaw warehouse since May due to the escalating conflict in northern Arakan State. The warehouse held 1,175 metric tons of life-saving food and supplies, which is sufficient to sustain 64,000 people with emergency food items for one month.


It’s currently gathering detailed information about the incident, asserted the WFP statement.


Narinjara News reported in both English and Burmese at and that the WFP warehouses were looted and burned down by the junta forces. (Photo by AA Info Desk)

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