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Junta forces demolish and sell unburned houses in Sittwe’s Taw Kan village

The junta forces have demolished the remaining unburned houses of  Taw Kan village under  Sittwe township of Rakhine State and even sold those to businessmen, said the villagers, adding that there is not a single house left now in the village.


A resident of Taw Kan village informed Narinjara News that soon after the arson attack on the village that used to support 200 houses the remaining unburned 120 houses were demolished by the military junta's 908th battlefield engineer battalion and sold those to Muslims in the capital city.


"Since the soldiers conducted an arson attack on the village, it remained vacant for a long time. Then the Muslims were asked to demolish the remaining unburned houses. Initially, the Muslims did not buy those houses. The soldiers sold the wooden and brick houses individually and then asked the Muslims to buy everything. Now there is not a single house left in Taw Kan village," added the resident.


The sale began in the first week of March and many Muslims were seen carrying the remaining unburned houses on tractors.


Those houses were purchased by the Muslim villagers coming from the Sittwe railway station area.


On 15 January, the soldiers carried out an arson attack on the concerned village engaging 50 soldiers and over 80 houses were burned down.


A resident of Taw Kan village expressed anger about the actions of the junta soldiers and he even called on the Arakan Army (AA) to restore justice.


"The junta’s actions are unforgivable. They not only burned down the village, but also sold the remaining houses, which is unacceptable. I urge the AA to restore justice," he added.


On 23 December 2023, at around 2 pm, a convoy of 50 soldiers entered Taw Kan village and looted a number of rice bags and other items.



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