Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Myanmar military junta and Three Brotherhood Alliance reach a temporary ceasefire agreement

 A temporary ceasefire agreement was adopted in the third meeting between the Myanmar military junta and Three Brotherhood Alliance representatives, said a Chinese foreign ministry official.


"Both sides agreed to an immediate ceasefire as well as disengage military personnel and resolve relevant disputes & demands through peaceful negotiations," said Mao Ning, China foreign ministry spokesperson in a press conference held on 12 January.


Both parties also pledged not to undermine the safety of Chinese people living in the border areas and Chinese projects inside Myanmar, added the foreign ministry spokesperson.


Mediated and facilitated by Beijing, the third meeting was organised in Kunming on 10 and 11 January. It included seven representatives from the national solidarity & peacemaking negotiation committee (NSPNC) of the junta led by Lt Gen Min Naing and five representatives from  MNDAA, seven from TNLA, and another seven from Arakan Army (AA).


Deng Xijun, the special envoy for China’s Asian affairs was also present in the meeting.

According to a source close to Three Brotherhood Alliance, the ceasefire was set to commence from 11 January itself. However, it will be limited to the northern Shan region only and would not extend to other areas  including the Rakhine region.

As of 12 January, fierce conflicts continue in Rakhine townships of Minbya, Kyauktaw, and Mrauk-U.

"There's been no impact of the ceasefire here. The battles in Rakhine State are unfolding in various towns including Paletwa of Chin State,” said Rakhine politician U Pe Than.


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