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Conflict erupts in Kyaukphyu, site of major Chinese projects

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  • | Date: 02 February 2024
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Intense clashes have  erupted between the Arakan Army (AA) and junta forces in Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine State, where major Chinese projects are located, on Thursday afternoon.


At least 6 civilians sustained injuries due to the indiscriminate firing of artillery shells by the junta's 32nd police battalion.

The injured individuals include 23-year-old driver Nyi Nyi Naing from Ohn Taw village and women from Min Tet Taung and Ohn Taw villages, who were travelling in two cars. A man in his 40s from Kalabar (Oo Chey) village was also injured.

"At least six individuals were injured by the artillery shell shrapnel. One person from Oo Chey village and the driver of the car were among those injured. Additionally, women returning from the
market in Zin Chaung sustained injuries," said a resident of Ohn Taw Wat San village.

On 1 February,  intense clashes erupted between the AA fighters and junta soldiers in Mala Kyun, Pyin Shay Ywar Thit and Yae Myet villages in Kyaukphyu valley from 11 am to 3 pm.

During the skirmish, when two returning vehicles were waiting on Kalabar (Oo Chey) village, faced artillery shells, fired by Doe Tan Taung's 32nd police battalion and those exploded.

"The cars, one from Min Tet Taung and another  from Ohn Taw, were parked on the road near Oo Chey village. Then they were hit by shrapnel causing injuries," added the resident.

The driver suffered injuries to his arms, while the other women sustained injuries to their legs and arms.

The injured civilians were sent to Min Pyin hospital and Zin Chaung cottage hospital.

The local residents informed that the AA fighters initiated an attack on a column of about 30 junta soldiers in Yae Myet village resulting in an intense clash between the two sides.

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