Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces break into a social organization office in Maungdaw, remove batteries and keys from ambulances

The junta forces on Wednesday forcibly entered the Karuna Network office, a prominent social organization, in Maungdaw of Rakhine State.


The junta soldiers removed the batteries and keys of four ambulances causing difficulties in carrying out humanitarian activities.


An official informed Narinjara News that the soldiers broke into the office and took the batteries and keys of ambulances which are used to transport patients from their office in Ka Nyin Tan ward of  Maungdaw township.


"There was no one in the office as I went to have an ambulance for a funeral. I could see four ambulances were broken. The soldiers didn't take any other items from the office," added the official.

There were signs indicating that the deliberate breaking was done to disable the ambulances. The entire office was also ransacked.


"It seems, the soldiers ransacked the office and made the ambulances useless. Now if there is a medical emergency, the people will face difficulties," he asserted.


The local residents informed that the soldiers in Maungdaw locality are restricting the social assistance group for various reasons.


When Narinjara News contacted the concerned  authorities in Maungdaw to inquire about the incident, there was no response.

The junta closed Maungdaw hospital in March and issued arrest warrants to medical superintendent Dr Nu Kaythi San and a senior physician.

In addition to it, the residents revealed that some junta employees, including the district administrator and township administrator of Maungdaw, have left the town. It has led to the breakdown of the junta's administrative system.

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