Monday, June 17th 2024

Chinese diplomats visit Kyaukphyu to assess ground situation

Kant Kaw Ni Ni, Narinjara News, 9 June 2024


A  group of Chinese diplomats led by Mr Zheng Zhi Hong, Minister Counsellor,  arrived in Kyaukphyu town on Saturday to assess the prospect and impacts of Chinese projects like oil & gas pipelines in the township due to the ongoing conflicts in Arakan State.


Kyaukphyu was declared a target of offensive operations by the Arakha Army (AA), which has brought the rural areas of the township under its control. So the Chinese diplomats visited the locality to assess the ground situation.


Nearly eight officials from the Yangon-based China embassy in Myanmar arrived in Kyaukphyu by an aeroplane on 8 June.


“The diplomats are assumed to stay on Maday island for two days to  inspect the oil & gas pipelines. They will also review the future status of all Chinese projects," said a local youth.


Myanmar military government earns up to US$1 billion annually from the Chinese natural gas projects and in 2022 they exported natural gas worth US$1.43 billion from Arakan State to China, reported BETV.


Although Beijing is actively facilitating talks between the junta forces and AA for a halt in  gun fighting across Arakan State they are yet to reach a ceasefire agreement.


Despite China's mediation efforts for a ceasefire in the Arakan region, it has not surfaced due to the junta's attacks on civilians, commented AA spokesman U Khaing Thukha during a press conference on 8 June.

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