Monday, June 17th 2024

Junta boosts military reinforcements to Maungdaw via waterways

Naung Min Thu

Narinjara News, 18 May 2024


The junta forces in Maungdaw township are utilizing small motorboats to strengthen their reinforcements through the waterways.


After the Arakha Army (AA) captured Hla Phoe Khaung number 10 border guard police battalion near Maungdaw, it became unsafe for landing craft to dock at Kanyin Chaung economic zone. So the soldiers along with weapons were ferried to Maungdaw jetty using motorboats from two supply barges anchored in Naf river.


"The reinforcements have been dispatched from the exit-entry point of Maungdaw. The junta soldiers have tightened the security where the border guard personnel are being deployed along the route," said a local villager.


 On 15 May, a group of  soldiers with weapons from two barges, anchored in Naf river, were transported to the point of exit-entry jetty.


"After the AA fighters captured Hla Phoe Khaung number 10 border guard police battalion, no military vessels ventured into Kanyin Chaung creek. It led to the necessity of using motorboats to transport them to the jetty," said a Muslim resident.


On 6 May, the junta dispatched reinforcements to Maungdaw which consisted of  500 soldiers from the 22nd division along with arms and other supplies.


Maungdaw is currently besieged by the AA fighters from the inland side with just one route accessible from Naf river in the west. So the junta is using the river to transport reinforcements and military equipment.


They sent soldiers along with weapons, food and fuel to Maungdaw at least four times through Kanyin Chaung economic zone in March and April and reinforcements continued on 15 May.



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