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AA launches improvised rocket attack on Kyaukphyu naval base near Chinese projects

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  • | Date: 23 January 2024
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 The Arakan Army (AA) has launched improvised rocket attacks at the military junta's Danyawadi naval base in Thit Poke Taung of Kyaukphyu township, situated near China's deep-sea port and natural gas projects.


On 22 January morning, the AA fighters had fired improvised rockets at least 10 times. The rockets exploded within the compound of the naval base creating casualties.


A Kyaukphyu resident informed Narinjara News that these rocket attacks killed some soldiers. However he denied having more information.


Following the AA's attacks, the junta's navy personnel fired back with artillery shells from the Thit Poke Taung base, where two shells exploded near a lake to Si Maw village.


"Navy personnel fired back with six artillery shells from the river below Thit Poke Taung. Two artillery shells exploded near Si Maw village. There were no civilian casualties," said a Kyaukphyu resident.


Although the improvised rockets fired by the AA fighters exploded in the naval base, Narinjara News cannot confirm any casualty or damages.


At 6 am on 8 January, the AA members fired rocket attacks at Danyawadi naval base for the first time, informed by the Three Brotherhood Alliance.


During the attack, artillery shells exploded near the villages surrounding the naval base which were fired from Thanzit river.


Danyawadi naval base is situated near Maday island, where China's Shwe natural gas project is located. The international oil tankers traverse the river in front of the naval base.


The base is positioned five  miles away from Maday island, where the Chinese project is located, and four miles away from Kyaukphyu port.

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