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After 3 navy vessels sank, AA rescues many individuals

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  • | Date: 12 February 2024
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The Arakan Army (AA) revealed that three military vessels sank during the naval battle on Kaladan river in Kyauktaw township of Rakhine State and many individuals survived by swimming were also rescued by the AA members.

On 8 February, the AA launched a massive attack on three naval vessels transporting junta soldiers from Kyauktaw MOC-9 and 376th battalion through Kaladan river at Ah Pauk Wa village area. The vessels were carrying more than 500 soldiers along with their families.

According to the AA,  the final 30-minute were given to the soldiers to leave the vessels, but they started firing on AA fighters. When it was retaliated over 10 soldiers were killed.


Many individuals, who survived by swimming, were later rescued by the AA fighters. One Arakanese fighter lost his life during the rescue operation.


During a naval battle on 7 and 8 February, the military vessels faced significant damages. The soldiers were asked to surrender three times by loudspeakers raising white flags. But the soldiers refused to comply with it and tried to defend their vessels.


All soldiers and their families, who had surrendered following the Rakhine and Paletwa regions offensives which began on 13 November, have been kept under the AA custody with care. The statement also added that the prisoners of war are treated according to the laws.

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