Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta trains ARSA, ARA terrorist groups to carry out attacks on AA, fuels ethnic hatred

Many ARSA and ARA terrorist group members are undergoing training from the military junta personnel and getting weapons from the soldiers to attack Arakha Army (AA) members, claims AA spokesman U Khaing Thu Kha.

He also added that the action has fueled ethnic hatred in Rakhine State between the Buddhists and Muslims.


In a statement, issued on 13 April regarding the ongoing situation in Buthidaung locality, the AA spokesman asserted that many Muslim armed groups have been deployed in Buthidaung township and nearby villages, where they chanted anti-Rakhine slogans.

 "The military junta is providing military training and army supply to some radical Muslim militants. They are now being deployed in Buthidaung and adjacent villages, where they are compelled to chant hatred towards the Rakhine people,” said U Khaing Thu Kha.

He termed it as  dangerous development which will provoke ethno-religious animosity.


"It's a very dangerous political move by the cunning military forces which would result in regional instability and all sorts of conflicts,” he added.

He also mentioned that on 11 April, two Rakhine young men were killed by the soldiers with the help of  Muslim militias in Buthidaung.

"Both the young men were found with their throats slit. The crimes were committed by the soldiers and radical Muslims,” he asserted.


By now the majority of Rakhine people in Buthidaung have left their places due to the threats from Muslim militants.

 "Now, the soldiers and those Muslim armed rebels have broken many deserted houses and stolen various items,” he stated.


Some Hindu residents, who remain  in the town, are also facing threats from the Muslim armed groups.


Some Muslim cronies and religious leaders are also collaborating with the junta and supporting the soldiers for personal gains.

However, he clarified that not all Muslims are collaborating with the  junta and he believes that they would properly guide the common Muslim residents.


“We hope that  the righteous Muslim leaders will speak the truth and give guidance to  the Muslim community,” he explained, adding that  the AA will provide full protection to civilians and respond decisively to those found guilty according to the wartime rules.

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