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AA seizes control over Thandwe’s Tha Htay hydropower project and surrounding areas

Kant Kaw Ni Ni, Narinjara New, 6 June 2024


The Arakha Army (AA) has seized control over the Tha Htay hydropower project and its surrounding areas under Thandwe township of Arakan State, said the residents.


The AA fighters  seized control of these areas following a heavy offensive started on  April 13 against the junta soldiers stationed at Daw Mya, Pa Yit, Yae Kauk, Shwe Hlay, Kyaung Kone, Su Poke Kone and Lin Thi villages near the hydropower project.


"Now there are no junta forces in the entire locality. The fighting was intense and the junta soldiers eventually retreated. Some of them fled to the mountain. The AA has taken control over the areas," added a resident.


AA commander-in-chief general Twan Mrat Naing also confirmed during an interview with VOA on 3  June that the junta forces, stationed at Tha Htay hydropower project, retreated taking advantage of the stormy days.


"The fighting continues near Ann's headquarters in central Arakan. In Thandwe, the junta forces stationed at Tha Htay Chaung hydropower project took advantage of the weather and retreated," added Twan Mrat Naing.


During the fighting,  20 locals were killed by the airstrikes and artillery shelling from the junta forces. A dozen houses were also destroyed.


The AA fighters continue their offensive towards the 566th light infantry battalion in Ngapali town of  Thandwe locality. Since 3 June, the intense fighting has continued at Gawt ward of  Ngapali town too.


The junta soldiers tried to resist the AA offensive by airstrikes and shelling from both the navy and battalions.


A local woman died instantly and several others were injured by the airstrikes on Sin Gaung village, located one nautical mile away from Gawt ward on 4 June.


Thousands of residents from affected villages fled to safer places as the airstrikes continued.


A local woman informed Narinjara News that the entire Sin Gaung village is now deserted. Many villagers died of injuries and a large number of houses and other buildings were destroyed by the junta’s violent actions.

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