Monday, June 17th 2024

Number of Byine Phyu village victims increases to 76: AA

Kant Kaw Ni Ni, Narinjara News, 6 June 2024


The Arakan Army (AA) claims that 76 people were killed in Set Yoe Kya ward (aka) Byine Phyu village under  Sittwe township of  Arakan State by the junta forces.


The AA, after receiving latest information on 4 June, stated that it was initially reported that over  50 villagers were killed between 29 May and 4 June. However, the number of casualties increases to  76 now, said an AA statement.


"We initially came to know that around 50 villagers were killed by the junta soldiers along with some Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) rebels and junta-trained Muslims within four days. Now the number is understood to increase to 76," added the statement.


The AA will continue  investigating the matter and revealing the truth to the people, it assured.


An AA statement on 2 June said that a column of more than 170 soldiers, comprising armed personnel from the regional operations command (ROC) in Sittwe, Pakokku-based 101st division, various other battalions along with the rebels of  Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) and military trained Muslims, entered Byine Phyu village. They detained all residents including women and children. Then they tied their hands behind backs and even tortured the villagers. They were not provided food and water for hours.


Over 50 civilians were killed and their bodies were hidden. Many women were raped and thousands were held hostage. The junta soldiers even seized valuable items like  gold, silver, phones and motorcycles and some houses were set on fire.


The incident of Byine Phyu village will be remembered as an act of crimes committed by the fascist military junta and the Arakanese people will never forget the massacre, asserted the statement.


In response to the Byine Phyu village incident, severe retaliations await both the perpetrators,  who ordered war crimes against the civilians,  and those who carried out the orders, including divisions, battalions and all involved parties, declared the AA statement.

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